Remodeling your bathroom on a budget

Remodeling your bathroom on a budget

Bathroom remodeling on a tight budget is a big problem. Today’s economy has caused a lot of people to have to look for ways to make a dollar go further. Luckily, there are a lot of money-saving tips that you can try. So, your bathroom does not need to be permanently stuck in the stone ages, you can follow the latest bathroom design trends such the currently trending minimalist interior design.

Cleaning your bathroom is an extremely important first step. Any bathroom will look outdated when it is dirty. So, don’t allow dust, mold or mildew to build up. Here are some things to keep track of:

Soak faucets in vinegar to remove water stains.
Make sure that you have a proper fan installed in the bathroom to reduce the risk of mold.
Spray down the tub and shower with mold and mildew remover frequently.
Wash rugs or bathmats and dust shelves regularly.
Another great tip is that you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to clean almost anything. Both are inexpensive and they can be used for at least a hundred different purposes around the entire house. So, they are excellent investments, even if you are on a budget.

Make Repairs:
A single cracked tile or a tub that needs to be re-caulked can really take away from the appearance of the bathroom. So, be sure to make repairs when they are needed. Don’t let them get out of hand. Sometimes, giving the bathroom a new look might require replacing one tile or repairing one thing. It may not be necessary to gut the whole place and start over again.

Inexpensive Paint:
Paint is fairly inexpensive. In fact, if you aren’t particular about color, you can find cheap paint in a number of places. You, a family member or a friend might have some left over from another project. So, you may not have to spend a dime, especially if you only need a can or two for a small bathroom.

Of course, you can also buy any paint color you can dream up at your local paint supply store. A can of paint is usually $10 to $25. However, you will also find that your local department store or paint supply store may be running a sale on certain pain. So, once again, try not to be too particular about color.

As for what to paint, the obvious answer is to paint the walls. However, the ceiling may need a fresh coat. Don’t be afraid to use multiple colors on your walls as well. You may even want to create a beach theme by painting some blue waves on the walls.

You can also decide to only paint one wall. It can be an “accent wall” which can draw a person’s eye to whatever decorations you hang on it. Painting just the one wall can also save you money on paint, which is handy if you happen to have a large bathroom. In a smaller bathroom, the savings would be minimal.

Be creative, but remember that your paint scheme and colors will set the theme for the rest of the room. So, you should think about what other elements are going to either stay in the bathroom or be added to it later.