The Wayne WSS30V – A review

The Wayne WSS30V – A review

Basements of households are quite susceptible to get damaged due to an accumulation of water inside the basement or basement flooding. Apart from heavy rain or leakage of the waterproofing system, the basement of the house is even more vulnerable to get flooded when the groundwater level surrounding your household is higher than the level of your basement. A sump pump is basically a submersible pump that keeps your basement from flooding by pumping the accumulated water out of your basement. It helps you to keep your basement from flooding, saves the furniture present inside the basement from damages and keeps the basement dry and healthy.

There are numerous sump pumps available in the market manufactured by various brands. Wayne is one of the most popular and respected brands in the market of pumps. One of their products is the Wayne WSS30V, which is a sump pump that comes with an additional back up sump pump powered by a battery to perform the duty of the primary sump pump when there is a power outage or your primary sump pump fails to operate. It is without any doubt one of the best products available in the market of sump pumps. So, please follow the Wayne WSS30V review below to know more about this sump pump.

The Wayne WSS30V comes with a vertical float switch making it an automatic sump pump. And the backup sump pump not only operates when the primary sump pump is out of order but is also designed to share the load with the primary sump pump when the water level is high.

This very sump pump is also equipped with an automatic alarm to notify the customer when the water level is high or the backup sump pump starts operating. The top suction design of the Wayne WSS30V ensures that the drainage pipe is not clogged or obstructed due to the accumulation of dirt. Highly durable cast iron material has been used to construct this sump pump making it one of the best-built sump pump unit in the market. Two heavy duty check valves installed in this pump ensure that backfield doesn’t occur while operating.

Wayne WSS30V review

The operation of this pump is very silent as it doesn’t produce much noise when compared to other sump pumps available in the market. Moreover, the installation of this pump is super easy as it comes as a pre-assembled unit, enabling you to just plug and play the sump pump. The 1/2 HP powered motor of this sump pump generates 4200 gallons per hour of water discharge at 10’ pressure head. And the secondary battery powered back up unit of this sump pump has a maximum output of 2300 gallons per hour at 10’ of pressure head. A charger and battery box is included in the package; however, the package doesn’t contain any backup battery. Moreover, the life span of both the primary and backup sump pump is found to be lower than the competition. Also, this sump pump system is not suitable to be used in smaller pits.

The Wayne WSS30V may not be the perfect one, but it is definitely one of the best all round products available in the market, thus giving you complete value for money.